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Wado Kokusai Suzuki-ha Karate-do Ireland is a Group of like minded Individuals with the same dreams.

The purpose in founding WKKI is to keep the true essence of Wado Ryu Karate-do as first taught by Hironori Ohtsuka Sensei,

this was Suzuki Sensei true dream.

We are and always will be very grateful To Suzuki Sensei and all the Senseis who have passed on their knowledge to us.


The members of WKKI will work hard and endeavour to continue teaching proper Wado as it was taught by Suzuki Sensei and in

turn pass it on to the new generation of Wado karate-ka.

It is a federation of very talented liked mind people, who only want to improve their Wado and pass on to our students the Wado that Suzuki Sensei taught.

It is a non-profit Organisation and all funds go back into the group to further develop Wado Kokusai Suzuki-ha Karate-do Ireland and help its members.

WKKI is an Independent Wado Group of the Suzuki Sensei Ryu-Ha.


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