Philip Kear Sensei, had been a student training with Tatsuo Suzuki Sensei since 1965 until Suzuki Sensei's passing in 2011.Sensei Philip Kear is the eldest Student of the late Suzuki Sensei

He was All Britain Champion and also placed 2nd in the European Championships in 1972. He is also an accredited N.C.A.S. Coach (Australian Certified).

He trained full time in Japan back in 1969 in Nichi Dai University Dojo, he trained and graded under the founder of Wado Ryu, Hironori Ohtsuka Meijin 10th Dan.

Philip Kear Sensei along with his brothers Reg Sensei and Robert Sensei, both 7th Dans, are the senior instructors of Wado Kokusai Karate-do San no Ya in Australia.

The name San no Ya, literally three arrows, refers to the karate taught by the Kear family and was given to them by Tatsuo Suzuki Sensei.

San no Ya also refers to an old Japanese tale, 'Mitsuya no kyokun' or lesson of three arrows, which recounts the story of Mori Motonari (1497 - 1571) the daimyo (feudal lord) of Aki (around Hiroshima).

Mori presented each of his three sons with an arrow and then demonstrated that one arrow alone may be quite easily broken but when three arrows are held together their strength is more than tripled and they become virtually impossible to break.

Correspondingly whilst each of the Kear Brothers practises Wado Ryu from their own distinct perspective, when combined these different viewpoints form the strong, flexible basis of San no Ya.

In August 2014 Sensei Kear honoured WKKI by becoming Technical Adviser to the Federation and Again in 2015 he became Technical Director to the Wado Kokusai Suzuki-Ha Europe

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