General Rules

WKKI Karate ka will be eligible to grade providing they have fulfilled all technical requirements, hold a current licence and record book and have permission from their Sensei.

The record book and licence must be available for the grading examiner's inspection and endorsement.

Down Load Licence, Record Book Application & renewal Form HERE

Transfer of Grades to the WKKI

Karate ka who Join the WKKI from other Wado Associations may retain their current grade, but must re-grade within 12 months of joining and be assessed by the Technical Committee. They will be awarded an appropriate grade, which may be the same grade, a lower or the next grade up.

Karate ka from other styles who join will be advised to what grade they are by the Technical committee

Grading Syllabus

The examiner will run the candidate through the Syllabus for their grade. Candidates grading for 2nd and 1st Kyu belts will sit a written test.

Allowance will be made for candidates who are unable to perform certain techniques due to physical or other restrictions.

It must be emphasized that the most important factor is the candidate's quality of performance.

Kyu grading's may only be taken with permission of the student's senior club instructor. They may be taken at the student's own dojo, other dojo's or at special courses.

Down Load PDF File of Grading Syllabus. HERE

Kyu Grading Frequency:

Candidates for all belt grading are required to attend Grading Examination wearing a clean white Karate-Gi with badge.

Also bring sparring mitts and gum shield.

Training time between each individual grading requirements are set out below:

9th KYU: Regular practice for a minimum 2 months

9th to 6th KYU: Regular practice for a minimum 3 months

6th to 3rd KYU: Regular practice for a minimum 4 months

3rd to 1st KYU: Regular practice for a minimum 6 months

Students who fail a Kyu grading may re-take their examination after three months.

Kyu Grading Age Restrictions

There are no age restrictions for Kyu grades - though the minimum age is Seven.

Dan Grading Rules

Full 1st Kyu must be obtained before grading for 1st Dan.

The minimum period between 1st Kyu and 1st Dan is 9 months.

Written permission to take a Dan grading must be obtained from the student's senior club instructor.

Senior club instructors wishing to take higher dan grading must be put forward by a more senior instructor with whom they train on a regular basis.

Dan Grade Theory Examination

A written examination Pass is required for all Dan Grading, This is a multiple question exam with 51 questions, Pass percentage is different for each Dan grade.

A successful candidate most pass both Theory and Practical. A fail in either Theory or Practical the candidate has six months to resit the failed examination. After Six months a full grading most be redone.   

Dan Grading Frequency:

Time training time between grading requirements are:

SHODAN: Regular practice as 1st Kyu minimum 9 months

NIDAN: Regular practice as Shodan minimum 18 months

SANDAN: Regular practice as Nidan minimum 3 years

YONDAN: Regular practice as Sandan minimum 4 years

GODAN: Regular practice as Yodan minimum 5 years

Bring a pen for the 2nd & 1st Kyu and Dan

Students who fail 1st or 2nd Dan grading must wait a minimum of three months before re-taking the examination, unless a different period is specified by the examiner.

Those who fail a Dan grading must wait until the next Special Dan Grading before re-taking the examination.

Those who are required to sit a re-take of their Dan grading must do so within Six months. After this period, the grading will be classed as a Fail and the full grading must be re-taken.

Dan Grading Age Restrictions

Juniors can grade for 1st Dan only (12 years to 17 years)

Juniors can grade for 2nd Dan only. (15 years to 17 years)

3rd Dan the candidate must be 20 years or over.

Juniors grading for 1st Dan may choose only one Ohyo Gumite, Kihon Gumite, and Kata from the grading syllabus. Juniors grading for 2nd Dan may choose only one Ohyo Gumite, Kihon Gumite, Kata, and Tanto Dori.

On reaching 18 years the student will be assessed at Spring Course training. No re-grading is required. 

Down Load Grading Application Form HERE.

Course Attendance record.

Members must have the Course Record attendance page filled in at the Course attended.

Brown or Black belt students must have no less than FOUR Black and Brown Belt courses recorded per Year.

Less than four of these courses per year and students are not eligible to Dan Grade.

Grading Re-take.

A Grading examiner may decide that a Kyu grade candidate is lacking in some parts of their grading but does not warrant a FAIL. The candidate will be asked to re-take the examination of the parts he failed this may be done from 3 weeks after the grading up to 3 months. If the Candidate does not sit the re-take within 3 months, the grading will be classed as a Fail and the full grading must be re-taken.

Student Training Manual

Students can buy a Student Training Manual which will help with the Written Tests and more.
Ask you Club Instructor for details.


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