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Sensei Robert McGrath 7th Dan

Robert McGrath was born in Dublin in 1961. His older brother Leslie began learning Ed Parkers Kempo Karate in 1964 but after seeing Mr Tatsuo Suzuki on Irish television he changed over to Wado Karate-Do training under Tatsuo Suzuki sensei and Jim Prichard sensei.

In 1973 Leslie took his little brother to his first Karate lesson under Sensei Derek Desmond. Soon Robert McGrath was training five to seven days a week with Sensei Desmond and Iwasaki sensei. Read More.

Sensei Eamon House 6th Dan

I was persuaded by my cousin Les House to join the then Aer Lingus Karate Club back in 1976.

Training was Friday night and Sunday morning in the old ALSAA Swimming Pool complex in Dublin Airport . Irony is, Leslie never turned up for training that Friday night, nor has he ever since. It was in this dojo that I rekindled my friendship with Robert McGrath; we were attending the same secondary School at that time. Read More


Sensei Michael Quinn 4th Dan

Sensei Alan Smith 5th Dan

I started training in Shotokan Karate in 1978 in Kilmore West Dublin under the instruction of Sensei Philip McCarthy with the KUGB. In this club, I got to train and grade with some of the top Shotokan instuctors. In this group was Sensei Andy Sherry Sensei Billy Higgins Sensei Terry O Neill Sensei Frank Brennan and of course K Enoeda Sensei.

I had a lot of local and national competition success as a junior and graded up to First Kyu. In 1985 the club closed down and I ceased training. Read More

Sensei Mary Smyth 3rd Dan